A Continuous Hunt for Airline Passengers Infected has Resulted in the report of a fourth case of Measles in Ireland


This year, there has been confirmation of a fourth measles case in Ireland.

It comes after three other occurrences in recent weeks, one of which involved a forty-year-old man in Westmeath who tragically passed away after contracting the illness in the UK.

Last week, a passenger on a flight to Dublin was proved to be infected, and a teenager in the west of Ireland received a diagnosis.

The most recent case’s specifics remain unknown.

The case is not thought to be connected to the public health notice that was issued when it was found that a passenger on an airline had contracted the virus during a trip that lasted longer than eight hours.

This indicates that the number of cases of measles recorded this year has equaled the number of cases reported for the entire year 2023.

After it was discovered that a passenger on a Saturday trip from Abu Dhabi to Dublin was contagious, a public health alert was released.

Pregnant women, those with impaired immune systems, and parents of children under one year old who were on board were invited to come forward by the HSE.

The fourth case was recorded today, according to the Health Protection Surveillance Center’s most recent report on infectious diseases.
One confirmed case of measles was among the five suspected cases that were reported last week.

When asked if any of the aircraft passengers had come forward, an HSE spokesperson stated that privacy prevented them from answering.

The HSE said: “Departments of Public Health respond to notified cases of infectious diseases and undertake a risk assessment of the situation. Appropriate investigations are undertaken and control measures are put in place. The scope of any public messaging will be determined by Public Health assessments.

“The HSE cannot comment on the specifics of these measures to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the people involved.

“Public Health is managing this incident according to national guidelines, including contact tracing and other appropriate measures. HSE Public Health teams have worked with Etihad Airways to contact passengers on this flight.”

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