A Third of Individuals Lack Awareness that Vaccines could Potentially Prevent Certain Cancers

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The survey on vaccine awareness in Ireland revealed that over one-third of individuals are oblivious to the existence of vaccines aimed at preventing certain types of cancer. Additionally, the survey indicated that merely three out of every ten people possess an understanding of HPV, a virus recognized as the primary cause of cervical cancer, for which a vaccine is available. Moreover, 47% of respondents were unaware of its potential to cause genital warts, and only 4% were knowledgeable about HPV’s widespread prevalence.

According to the Ipsos B&A survey, 34% of individuals lack awareness that vaccines can aid in preventing specific types of cancers, reflecting a 3% decrease in awareness compared to the previous year. Moreover, awareness of the HPV vaccine is on the decline, with a 3% decrease noted compared to the years 2022, 2021, and 2018. Averil Power, the chief executive of the Irish Cancer Society, highlighted that approximately 400 individuals in Ireland are diagnosed annually with cancers linked to HPV.

The Irish strategy regarding cervical cancer aims for its elimination by 2040, envisioning a scenario where it becomes a rare ailment. Averil Power emphasized the importance of substantially reducing all HPV-related cancers in both genders. She stressed the need to enhance public awareness regarding HPV—its nature, prevalence, modes of transmission—and to encourage greater uptake of the HPV vaccination.

She urged individuals to contemplate receiving the vaccination, highlighting its effectiveness in saving lives. The survey, conducted by Ipsos B&A on behalf of biopharmaceutical company MSD Ireland, polled over 1,400 individuals to investigate awareness and attitudes toward HPV.

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