Alert! Possible Measles at Children’s Play Centre in Dublin: Health Service Executive


The Health Service Executive has issued a cautionary alert regarding potential measles exposure at a children’s play centre in Dublin. Following the confirmation of a measles case in the Dublin 15 area, the Department of Public Health and the HSE advise individuals who visited Ship Shape Kids Play at Junction 6 Castleknock on the afternoon of April 4th that they may have been exposed to the virus.

However, they clarify that there is no recommendation for children or their parents/guardians to avoid attending the facility, which remains open and unrestricted. Dr. Suzanne Cotter, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, emphasized that the public health alert aims to ensure that those who visited the centre are vigilant for any signs or symptoms of measles.

“We are not advising anyone to avoid this play centre, although there’s always a risk of contracting an infectious disease in any crowded environment,” she clarified. The HSE recommends individuals to remain vigilant for signs and symptoms of measles for 21 days after potential exposure, which extends until April 25 in this instance. Particularly vulnerable groups include children under one year, pregnant women, and those with weakened immune systems.

Symptoms of measles include cold-like symptoms, sneezing, coughing, red eyes, fever of 38 degrees Celsius or higher, and a rash that typically starts on the head and neck before spreading. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should seek medical advice and call ahead before visiting a healthcare facility. The HSE also advises ensuring vaccination is up to date and provides further information on measles on its website.

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