Anders Kronborg: The Visionary Navigator

Anders Kronborg
Anders Kronborg

The vast and ever-changing field of healthcare demands leaders driven by a strong and undying motivation to serve the community. These leaders stand at the intersection of dedication and innovation. Within this arena of healthcare leadership emerges a figure who not only understands the intricacies of the industry but also possesses the visionary zeal to reshape its future. Epitomizing the very essence of transformative leadership in this dynamic environment, Anders Kronborg emerges as an insightful leader.

As the CEO of ResoTher Pharma, a dynamic biotechnology company, Mr. Kronborg has become synonymous with novel strategies that propel both organizations and industries into the future.

With an impressive career spanning over 25 years, Mr. Kronborg has donned various hats, serving as CEO, CFO, and COO across esteemed organizations. His current role at ResoTher Pharma, assumed in February 2023, marks the zenith of his illustrious journey. Prior to this, he lent his strategic acumen as the CFO/EVP at LEO Pharma from October 2015 to September 2022. His professional path extends across diverse sectors, including notable positions at Kinnevik Investment AB, Metro International, TV2 Denmark, Berlingske Media, DR, and the Ministry of Finance.

Nestled in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, ResoTher Pharma is at the forefront of resolution therapy, with the most advanced asset in its biotech arsenal, RTP-026, targeting myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases.

Mr. Kronborg’s legacy is woven with significant achievements. At LEO Pharma, he played a pivotal role in the implementation of a strategic vision unveiled in 2016. His strategic ability is further exemplified by his instrumental role in securing full funding for ResoTher Pharma’s phase 2a study.

In this edition, we dive into Mr. Kronborg’s journey, exploring the layers of his leadership and the transformative impact he has had on ResoTher Pharma.

His story is a blueprint for those who aspire to redefine the landscape of healthcare.

A Journey from Finance to Pharma Leadership

Mr. Kronborg, an accomplished economist, graduated from Copenhagen University in 1989, setting the foundation for a diverse and impactful career. His early professional years unfolded in the Ministry of Finance, where he spent seven years sharpening his skills in various roles.

In 2007, his trajectory took a new turn as he joined Kinnevik, a prominent Swedish investment company listed in Stockholm. From 2012 to 2015, Mr. Kronborg assumed the role of COO for the entire group, steering private companies toward public listings alongside other investors.

The subsequent chapter (2015-2022) saw Mr. Kronborg as the CFO and interim CEO of LEO Pharma, a global pharmaceutical company specializing in skin diseases. Over seven years in this role, he coordinated several transactions involving assets in early stages as well as those ready for phases 1, 2, and 3. Mr. Kronborg concluded his tenure at LEO Pharma in the fall of 2022 with plans for retirement.

Reflecting on his unexpected venture into the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Kronborg recalls, “After years in the Ministry of Finance, another decade in the Danish Media industry, and seven years working for a Swedish investment company, I was contacted by a headhunter – LEO Pharma was looking for a new CFO. So, my way into the Pharma Industry was random.”

In January 2023, a new chapter unfolded as Mr. Kronborg became fascinated by the ResoTher Pharma project. Taking charge as CEO on February 1, 2023, he steered the company through the completion of Phase 1 and secured funding for Phase 2a, anticipating the first patient dosed in Q1 2024.

In reflecting on his transition to ResoTher Pharma, Mr. Kronborg remarks, “I liked the CEO and the Company and the ambitious strategy, knowing that I had to learn something completely new and very different from the rest of my career.” He adds, “And the idea of helping make a product that can improve people’s quality of life or even save some was very appealing to me.” Mr. Kronborg joined the company, seeing the possibility of bringing an asset with the potential to be first and best in class into the next phase and closer to reaching the patients.

Founding Visions

Established in 2016, ResoTher Pharma is a privately held clinical-stage biotech company based in Denmark dedicated to advancing compounds that induce inflammatory resolution in cardiovascular diseases. The company’s inception was fuelled by a vision to develop compounds capable of promoting pharmacological resolution in cardiovascular diseases, a mission that has garnered support from a group of influential Danish investors.

Founded by board member Jeppe Øvlesen and Thomas Jonassen, MD, the head of the Scientific Advisory Board, ResoTher Pharma boasts a foundation grounded in expertise and vision. Professor Mauro Perretti, the co-inventor of the company’s lead compound, RTP-026, further adds to the depth of knowledge and commitment within the company, holding a stake as a shareholder.

Reflecting on his decision to join ResoTher Pharma, Mr. Kronborg expresses, “What inspired me was a combination of the founders and the small and dynamic set-up of a small semi-virtual run BioTech company.” This sentiment encapsulates the essence of ResoTher Pharma – a venture driven by visionary founders and propelled by the agility of a dynamic, small-scale biotech organization.

Commitment to Cardiovascular Care

ResoTher Pharma emerges as a significant force in the field of cardiovascular care, dedicated to addressing the gaps in the current treatments for ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). This condition, impacting millions globally, necessitates innovative therapeutic interventions that ResoTher Pharma is poised to provide.

STEMI, constituting a significant portion of acute coronary syndromes, is a precursor to severe heart damage and complications. ResoTher Pharma’s focus lies in the aftermath of the preferred treatment for STEMI patients—percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). While effective, PCI poses risks, particularly post-ischemic tissue reperfusion inflammation. This inflammation, identified as a key prognostic factor in cardiovascular disease, is a pivotal point for the organization’s intervention.

ResoTher Pharma’s lead candidate, RTP-026, a peptide-based compound, stands as an evidence to the company’s commitment to innovative pro-resolving therapies. Developed in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London, RTP-026 has exhibited promising outcomes in phase 1 trials, curbing inflammation without compromising safety standards.

The groundbreaking compound takes inspiration from Annexin A1, a human protein renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. RTP-026, derived from Annexin A1, orchestrates a cascade of cellular events to resolve inflammation, activate tissue healing, and significantly reduce the impact of myocardial infarction.

ResoTher Pharma’s scientific pursuit extends beyond the laboratory, reflecting in its mission to improve patient outcomes in cardiovascular medicine. Despite resource constraints, RTP-026 has successfully navigated phase 1 trials, attaining both safety and efficacy.

This initiative is not just a scientific venture; it serves as a beacon of hope for those affected by PCI-related hyperinflammation. Recently awarded a 2.5-million-euro grant from the European Innovation Council, ResoTher Pharma’s RTP-026 attracts attention and validation from industry leaders, inspiring it towards revolutionary advancements in cardiovascular medicine.

Mr. Kronborg, the driving force behind ResoTher Pharma, emphasizes their research-centric approach. “Our focus centres on our Phase 2A lead asset, marking us as a research-centric biotech enterprise. We target major pharmaceutical players, seeking partners or interested parties for collaboration or acquisition of our pioneering product,” he declares. ResoTher Pharma is not just a company; it’s a research-focused entity striving to develop a groundbreaking drug that could redefine the landscape of cardiovascular care.

Strategic Leadership

ResoTher Pharma operates as a small virtual company steered by the guidance of Mr. Kronborg. In his role as CEO, he holds the responsibility of overseeing the company’s strategic direction, financial management, and operational decisions.

Mr. Kronborg’s approach to leadership goes beyond strategy, embracing collaboration and a distinctive style marked by substantial delegation and a foundation of trust. This leadership ethos sets the tone for ResoTher Pharma’s dynamic operations.

A significant milestone in Mr. Kronborg’s tenure has been the successful securing of funding for the Phase 2a trial, a feat accomplished in November 2023. This achievement not only underscores Mr. Kronborg’s tactical skills but also positions ResoTher Pharma at the forefront of pharmaceutical advancement.

Recent strides within the company include the deliberate recruitment of three individuals, a strategic move that mirrors ResoTher Pharma’s proactive stance in preparation for the impending execution of the Phase 2a study.

Navigating Challenges

With the current market condition, securing funding stands as the biggest challenge for many organizations. However, with the promising potential of its asset, ResoTher has triumphed over this hurdle by successfully securing full funding for Phase 2a, a significant milestone achieved recently. This funding comes from a consortium of investors who have been steadfast supporters since the company’s inception, coupled with the added support of an EIC grant.

Acknowledging the pervasive struggle for funding within the biotech sector, ResoTher Pharma adopts a flexible strategy, remaining open to diverse solutions such as IPOs, partnerships, private placements, and grants. The key emphasis is on maintaining focus by not advancing too many assets simultaneously, a prudent approach to financial sustainability.

Beyond financial strategies, Mr. Kronborg injects a profound commitment to diversity and inclusion into ResoTher Pharma’s organizational culture. Despite being a small, virtual company, the team manages to meet every week. “I think inclusion comes through delegation, and sharing all information helps everybody be part of the team,” notes Mr. Kronborg.

Charting ResoTher Pharma to Success

A forward-thinking leader with a commitment to positive outcomes, Mr. Kronborg outlines his vision for ResoTher Pharma. He emphasizes the path forward, “Our first goal is to get solid phase 2a data – showing that the asset has the same impact in humans as we demonstrated in animals earlier this year.” This underscores the importance of robust clinical evidence in validating the efficacy of ResoTher Pharma’s asset.

In the next phase of his vision, Mr. Kronborg envisions taking the asset to phase 2b, considering avenues like partnering with a big pharma entity, a licensing agreement, or funding through an IPO. The guiding principle behind these choices is to select options that offer the highest likelihood of successfully bringing the product to market while ensuring a reasonable return for investors.

Work, Learning, and Purpose

Drawing upon his wealth of experience, Mr. Kronborg shares valuable advice, saying, “If you can combine learning something new and working with something that is meaningful to you and have fun at the same time, then you should go for it.” This piece of wisdom encapsulates the essence of a fulfilling and purpose-driven professional journey, where the convergence of learning, meaningful work, and enjoyment becomes the cornerstone for personal and career satisfaction.