As the Pollen Count Surges, Experts Advice on Reducing Fever Symptoms

Pollen Count

There will be sunshine, dry, stable weather, and high pressure over the weekend. However, Met Éireann predicts a high pollen count to go along with that. There will be lots of warm sunshine on Friday, May 10, with possible highs of 23°C throughout the day.

Another dry day is predicted on Saturday, with early morning fog dispersing. Temperatures inland are expected to reach 24°C, while coastal regions will be slightly colder. According to Met Éireann, Sunday will bring with it increased cloud cover, a likelihood of isolated thunderstorms, and showers. There will be a light to moderate southeast breeze with highs of 21°C.

According to Met Éireann’s pollen forecast released today, the pollen count is expected to rise to a high level over the next several days as the weather looks better. According to Met Éireann, the primary pollen sources this month are fungus spores and tree pollen; grass and weed pollen will reappear later in the spring. The pollen forecast states that Munster, Connacht, and Ulster will have high pollen counts starting on Friday, May 10, while Leinster will have high counts starting tomorrow, Thursday, May 9.

According to the Health Service Executive (HSE), hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen that happens when pollen comes into contact with a person’s mouth, nose, eyes, or throat. The highest pollen count typically occurs in warm, muggy, and windy conditions. Hay fever symptoms can last for weeks or months in certain cases. Hay fever cannot be prevented or cured, according to the HSE, although it can be avoided by avoiding contact with pollen, particularly when the pollen count is high.

How to prevent contact with pollen:

  • Visit Met Éireann to check the pollen prediction count every day;
    • To capture pollen, wrap Vaseline around your nostrils;
    • Use wraparound shades to protect your eyes from pollen;
    • Take a shower and change into fresh clothes after venturing outside to remove pollen;
    • When the pollen count is high, stay inside or arrange for kids to engage in indoor activities;
    • Close doors and windows during periods of high pollen count;
    • Regularly vacuum;
    • Recognize that your home may get polluted by pets;
    • Avoid cutting the lawn.
    • Avoid smoking as it might exacerbate your symptoms.

Hay fever symptoms include headaches, sneezing, itchy eyes, plugged noses, exhaustion, and loss of smell.

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