Bon Secours Hospital Cork Launches State-of-the-Art Robotic-Assisted Surgery Programme

Bon Secours Hospital Cork
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The Bon Secours Hospital Cork has unveiled a groundbreaking robotic-assisted surgery programme that will enable the hospital to treat approximately 500 patients every year using cutting-edge technology. The new surgical system, called the da Vinci system, was launched by Finance Minister Michael McGrath as part of a €2m investment by the Bon Secours Health System.

The da Vinci surgical system harnesses advanced imaging and robotic-assisted tools, empowering the hospital’s highly skilled surgical team to perform complex procedures with enhanced visualisation and precision. This technology will be applied across a spectrum of surgical interventions, including urological, gynaecological, and colorectal procedures, resulting in minimally invasive procedures, reduced recovery times, and improved overall patient well-being.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. McGrath highlighted the Bon Secours group’s commitment to advancing healthcare accessibility and quality in Ireland, stating that this investment will have a positive impact on the entire Munster region. Harry Canning, Bon Secours Hospital Cork CEO, emphasized that the new robotic-assisted surgery programme represents a significant investment in the future of healthcare delivery at the hospital, combining technological innovation with compassionate care.

Dr. Matt Hewitt, consultant gynaecologist at Bon Secours Hospital Cork, expressed enthusiasm about the da Vinci robot, stating that it will increase the range of minimally invasive operations the hospital can offer and the number of women who can benefit from them. He added that the net result will be shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times, and an overall improvement in patient outcomes.

This cutting-edge technology is set to revolutionize surgical procedures at Bon Secours Hospital Cork, providing patients with access to advanced treatment options and enhancing the hospital’s commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services to the community.

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