Dr. Cornelius Glismann: Leading Tech-Driven Transformation in Corporate Health Prevention

Dr. Cornelius Glismann | CEO | CorporateHealth
Dr. Cornelius Glismann | CEO | CorporateHealth

The landscape of healthcare and preventative medicine is undergoing a profound transformation, with the integration of advanced technologies reshaping the way we approach medical care. As the worlds of health and technology converge, the need for adept leaders who can navigate this dynamic intersection becomes imperative. This exclusive feature spotlights one such figure – Dr. Cornelius Glismann, the CEO of CorporateHealth.

With over two decades of experience in national and international healthcare business development, Dr. Glismann has engraved a lasting mark in the industry. His journey is marked by senior positions and influential consultations with leading global entities such as CIGNA, Fresenius/VAMED, Asklepios, Deloitte, and Beckman Coulter. Armed with an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Aachen, Germany, and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Miami, USA, he possesses the necessary blend of technical expertise and strategic vision.

In our era health prevention is increasingly becoming synonymous with personalized solutions, and Dr. Glismann’s vision is right on point. His commitment to a ‘segment of one’ approach, even within large corporate environments like Porsche, Henkel, or Nestlé, sets CorporateHealth apart in the german industry of corporate health prevention and medical diagnostics for employees.

Recently, CorporateHealth initiated the implementation of state-of-the-art AI-driven solutions that bear the potential to redefine diverse diagnostic processes. Dr. Glismann emphasized the power of these technologies, explaining how a simple scan of an individual’s face can yield a comprehensive health status within a mere 30 seconds. This breakthrough not only expedites the diagnostic process in the future but also provides individuals with personalized health insights, avoiding traditional lengthy doctor visits.

Our editorial team had the privilege of interacting with Dr. Glismann, unveiling the strategic decisions and innovative approaches.

Venturing in Healthcare, Preventative Medicine and Technology

Dr. Glismann started his career in the United States by securing a scholarship for biomedical engineering at the University of Miami. His early contributions included establishing the National Healthcare Test Center for Heart Failures, a project for the FDA that laid the foundation for his expertise in health diagnostics and the complex relationship between healthcare and technology.

Following his academic pursuits, Dr. Glismann dived into the professional field with Beckman Coulter, a diagnostic company. His role in a specialized think tank focused on developing next-generation large laboratory haematology diagnostics for a global program deepened his insights into diagnostics within a specific domain. Subsequently, he returned to Europe, his home country, after spending a significant period in the United States.

Reflecting on his experience in both countries, Dr. Glismann noted, “I spent a large amount in the US, which also shaped my view on healthcare because the US is much more focused on health than on patient repair.” Contrasting the German healthcare system, known for its efficiency in patient care during illness, he observed a broader focus on health itself (and disease prevention) in the US.

Upon his return to Europe, Dr. Glismann joined Deloitte Consulting, specializing in life sciences. In this capacity, he consulted with global and mid-sized companies, offering strategic insights into the intersection of healthcare and technology. He revealed, “My focus was mainly on health diagnostics but also using the latest technological innovations. So, throughout my whole development, I always had a high affinity for the IT section and got more involved in the development of the latest technology for preventative medical diagnostics.”

Quest for Innovative Prevention Medicine

Dr. Glismann’s journey was ignited by his experiences, particularly in the United States. Witnessing the strides made in preventive medicine and cutting-edge technology, he recognized the contrast with the state of preventative Medicine in Europe. He envisioned an efficient health promotion program based on best-practice preventative medical diagnostics that could extend beyond traditional boundaries, allowing individuals to manage their health seamlessly, even from the comfort of their homes. He emphasized, “So it’s managing your health rather than just diagnosing it.” The central aspect lies in empowering individuals with the knowledge and technology needed to understand and easily take actions, in an independent and convenient manner, regarding their health in daily life.

Practical healthcare management, according to Dr. Glismann, centers on enabling individuals to monitor critical parameters daily. This proactive approach allows for early intervention or consultation, preventing the need for deeper medical interventions; with the former mitigating health-related deterioration in the affected person and the latter entailing significant savings for the healthcare systems.

Establishing CorporateHealth

During his tenure at Deloitte, Dr. Glismann gained invaluable insights into the strategic development and modelling of various healthcare businesses and diagnostics. Following his professional period at Deloitte, he assumed the role of director for one of Germany’s largest local hospital chains. Under his leadership, the hospital underwent a transformative journey, transitioning into a private entity. This endeavour involved significant structural changes and analytical processes, providing him with a profound understanding of healthcare provisioning.

His next venture led him to the Fresenius Group, where he played a pivotal role in developing and designing healthcare centres. Notably, one of these centres focused on prevention, sparking Dr. Glismann’s interest in scaling up preventive medicine initiatives. He recognized a gap in Germany’s healthcare system, which predominantly concentrated on patient support and treatment rather than preventive measures.

Driven by this insight, Dr. Glismann founded his first company—a five-star health center in Hamburg focussed on preventative medicine and health promotion rather than patient repair. With a sprawling 1000 square meters of top-notch diagnostics, the center housed two leading professors from the University of Munich. Together, they developed the center from scratch, catering to private patients and corporate managers.

Building on this success, Dr. Glismann joined forces with new partners and established CorporateHealth in 2012. Starting with the vision to create a prevention medicine company, CorporateHealth has since evolved into a corporate diagnostics entity. His strategic approach involved rolling out a stepwise model that has now expanded to 25 cooperating health centres across Germany. These centres are strategically contracted and integrated under an IT platform, forming a virtual chain entirely dedicated to offer health promotion programs and medical screenings for corporations, senior executives and employees.

Dr. Glismann envisions CorporateHealth transforming into a comprehensive disease prevention and medical diagnostics company, transcending its initial role as a corporate diagnostics and health promotion provider for its corporate customers and patients.

Pioneering Preventive Medicine and Remote Diagnostics

CorporateHealth, today a frontrunner in the field of preventive medicine for corporates, has ventured into the world of E-health technologies. Dr. Glismann proudly highlights the transformation of an innovative IT platform that not only manages electronic health records but also seamlessly integrates E-Health and AI-based solutions from top providers in the market.

With the click of a button, individuals can now schedule appointments, access E-Health, and run AI-based solutions from the comfort of their homes. Dr. Glismann emphasizes, “We have initiated the process to soon be able to offer the full width of totally remote, hybrid, or life diagnostics, basically head to toe.” This comprehensive approach allows individuals to track various health parameters, from heart health to stress levels, using smartphone technology, with the results seamlessly recorded in their electronic health records. These records can be shared with physicians for remote diagnostics or utilized for in-person life checks.

CorporateHealth’s commitment extends internationally, with a focus on health IT and preventive diagnostics. In 2015, Dr. Glismann, in collaboration with a partner from New York, founded CorporateHealth International. Headquartered in Denmark, the company pioneered tele-remote diagnostics, initially in regions in Denmark and later expanding to the UK and the US.

He explains the revolutionary and minimally-invasive “capsule endoscopy”, which enables patients to undergo comprehensive colon cancer screenings from the comfort of their home. In this easy and reliable procedure they can scan their personal risk-level without the need for sedation or hospitalization.

This technology, is especially transformative for remote areas like islands in Scotland, providing patients with challenging access to healthcare. Dr. Glismann emphasizes that this specific field focuses on early diagnostics through remote tele-diagnostics, catering to patients who benefit from remote access to healthcare.

Leadership Anchored in Trust

With his experience as a leader of various organizations, Dr. Glismann displays a leadership philosophy built on the bedrock of trust. According to him, trust is not just a guiding principle; it forms the very essence of his approach to running these organizations.

Trust becomes the cornerstone of effective leadership in a modern work landscape where employees operate remotely, spanning different countries and continents. Dr. Glismann underscores the significance of trust, confidence, and empowerment, especially as many of his team members work from home or in diverse locations like Asia, Spain, the UK, and the US.

He states, “I believe in having highly empowered employees that are passionate and whom I can trust. These employees will in return provide me with their trust because they are passionate, intrinsically motivated and engaged in their work.” This reciprocal trust forms the cornerstone of a corporate culture where employees feel motivated and empowered to contribute their best. Dr. Glismann places considerable value on the conviction and dedication of his team members, relying on their passion and commitment to drive initiatives forward. This collaborative and trust-based approach not only reinforces the team’s cohesion but also empowers individuals to excel in their roles.

Fostering Connections

Dr. Glismann actively participates in various healthcare forums, such as the Health Captain’s Club, an international gathering of healthcare leaders. Additionally, he is engaged in national healthcare communities, maintaining close connections to understand the dynamics within the ecosystem at different levels.

Driven by his passion for cutting-edge technologies, Dr. Glismann remains closely tied to developments in AI, E-Health, and telehealth. His involvement in these networks not only keeps him current with the latest advancements but also shapes the next steps in the development of CorporateHealth’s vision.

Building upon a robust platform that incorporates electronic records and appointment booking systems, CorporateHealth takes a proactive approach. They integrate the latest solutions from the market securely, ensuring the incorporation of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. Dr. Glismann emphasizes the integration of advancements like AI-driven applications, particularly those emerging through smartphones.

Sustainable Health Prevention Solutions

Considering the emerging innovations and prospective changes in the health promotion landscape in Germany, Dr. Cornelius Glismann identifies several critical factors, with health-IT standing out as a prominent catalyst for change. Equally important is the element of building confidence and trust among CorporateHealth´s stakeholders, such as cooperation partners, clients and users, with a particular emphasis on GDPR compliance, a factor highly esteemed in Germany due to the country’s historical context.

Dr. Glismann highlights the importance of sustainability, emphasizing solutions that save resources by eliminating the need for extensive travel, doctor visits, laboratories, and blood tests. However, he notes that the effectiveness of these solutions hinges on widespread trust and adaptation by the population. The acceptance of these methods is crucial for their adoption to yield positive results.

He underscores the concept of acceptance preceding adaptation, stressing that even if a product or solution is well-suited for an industry or country, it must gain acceptance, especially if trust is a factor hindering adoption.

To establish and earn trust, CorporateHealth leverages strong partnerships with renowned medical centres from universities, ensuring the highest quality of medical services, whether delivered in person or through digital platforms. Industry partnerships with trusted names like IBM, Porsche, and Henkel further reinforce the reliability and safety of the technology, which is certified for GDPR compliance.

Beyond technology, CorporateHealth places emphasis on personal connections and communication. Dr. Glismann notes the importance of being available around the clock, offering advice, and ensuring that a human touch is maintained. This human-centric approach, combined with innovative technology, aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge solutions and the personal nature of health promotion services.

Dr. Glismann emphasizes the role of physicians, not just IT experts, as leaders in driving technology at CorporateHealth. Collaborative partnerships, credibility, and a deep understanding of patients and the human body contribute to building trust among the people, ultimately ensuring the successful integration and acceptance of innovative solutions in preventative medicine and health diagnostics.

Future-Forward Health

Dr. Glismann firmly believes in the transformative impact of early detection and preventive medicine, asserting that it makes a significant difference in people’s lives. His philosophy centers on keeping individuals healthy, ensuring they have the Highest Level of Care (HLC), thus optimizing the quality and value of their lifespan.

The essence of this approach lies in proactively supporting health, emphasizing the importance of early detection to prevent the onset and progression of diseases. Dr. Glismann sees this as a means to enhance customers’ quality of life and a pathway to a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

In terms of efficiency, Dr. Glismann emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of preventive measures. Investing €1.00 in prevention, he notes, can potentially save 10 to 100 times the cost that might be incurred in later stages of intervention and treatment. This economic efficiency aligns with the broader goal of delivering value to customers/patients while ensuring a sustainable and resource-efficient healthcare model.

Dr. Glismann’s vision is anchored in the proactive promotion of health, striving to create a paradigm shift from treating diseases to preserving and enhancing well-being. By focusing on early detection and preventive measures, CorporateHealth aims to not only contribute to the quality of life for individuals but also to revolutionize the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

Dr. Glismann’s Guide to Thriving in Corporate Health Promotion

Dr. Glismann shares valuable advice for aspiring leaders venturing into the field of corporate health promotion and medical services in prevention medicine. He emphasizes the importance of being curious and open-minded, considering the rapid evolution occurring in this sector. However, he compares this need for curiosity with the necessity for patience, emphasizing the conservative nature of the healthcare industry in Germany and its slow yet steady cycles.

Dr. Glismann underscores the long-term commitment required in this industry, distinguishing it from more fast-paced consumer-centric industries. He stresses that success in medical health promotion and all related sectors comes from understanding and embracing the enduring nature of the field.

Highlighting these unique challenges of medical businesses, Dr. Glismann describes it as a complex yet fascinating system. The complexity spans from the details of the human body to the broader societal aspects, including financing and politics. According to him, the layers of complexity create a captivating environment for those who are fascinated by challenges.

He points out that the slow development in the field offers a distinct advantage – the ability to learn from other sectors s and adapt those learnings to the own business. This adaptability and a genuine fascination for the complexities and challenges inherent in medical services make it the right field for those who want to make a meaningful difference.

Innovation, Connectivity, and Well-being

In Germany, CorporateHealth has established collaborations with leading centres in preventive diagnostics, renowned for their expertise in treating athletes. These partnerships include institutions such as the University of Heidelberg, Charity in Berlin, and the University of Munich, recognized for their roles in overseeing the health of Olympic athletes. Dr. Glismann actively engages with leaders in Scotland and Denmark, contributing to the continuous enhancement of program quality.

CorporateHealth is actively involved in comprehensive studies analyzing the outcomes of remote diagnostics provided. The company actively supports research trials through various partnerships, encompassing both private-public and university-public collaborations. It is not standalone but integral to a preventive healthcare community ecosystem.

The interconnection of various healthcare sections, departments, and companies forms a collective effort to derive insights that contribute to individual well-being and corporate performance.

Dr. Glismann acknowledges the continuous advancements in AI, health promotion and telehealth. These innovations, he believes, contribute to improving overall health outcomes and addressing issues such as mental health in the workplace.