Dr Monica Peres: A Self-check a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Dr Monica Peres
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According to Dr. Monica Peres, basic tests that we can perform at home should be the first step in our healthcare. We may have health examinations in the convenience of our own homes.
They’ve slipped down our list of priorities, though, because of our hectic schedules and the growing trend of applauding production. Dr. Monica Peres is attempting to alter that.

Peres, a physician from Carrigaline, Cork, is a proponent of health prevention.
She thinks that educating individuals about preventive healthcare practices is important.
Peres will use the opportunity to emphasize the value of health checks when she appears on stage in the WellTalk section at the forthcoming WellFest 2024, which takes place on May 11 and 12 at Royal Hospital Kilmainham in Dublin.

There are several health checks that we should be doing every month. By doing these regularly, we can pick up changes in our body and then go to our doctor to investigate any changes further. With most conditions, early detection can make a difference,” she says.

People are often aware of the various checks they could be doing, but if they don’t feel unwell they might not think to do the checks. We all live busy lives too, and we don’t prioritise health checks as much as we should. The way I look at it, if we can spend 10 minutes on our daily skincare routine we can take time to give ourselves a monthly breast exam.”

At WellFest, Peres will highlight a few physical examinations we may perform and walk us through each one. “I’ll be demonstrating to folks how to examine their breasts, examine their lymph nodes, and look for any abnormalities in their skin that would point to melanoma.

“I will discuss testicular health with the guys and demonstrate how to examine their testicles; for the ladies, I will demonstrate how to examine their vulva for any changes.
She further said, “Nobody knows your body like you do. You are best placed to see or feel when there is something not quite right. “We’re lucky in Ireland that we have a number of free screening services, but these are under-used. These screening services can highlight other issues that you won’t be able to check for yourself.”

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