Francisco Javier Tejero Vargas: Innovations by the Extraordinary

Francisco Javier Tejero Vargas | Chief Executive Officer | Matraz Innova
Francisco Javier Tejero Vargas | Chief Executive Officer | Matraz Innova

Healthcare leaders with their unique traits and curious minds are motivated by a desire to positively impact the community. It is this curiosity that drives them to transform and shape the industry with their expertise and innovative ideas. They constantly seek opportunities to create something meaningful and beneficial to others.

After going through a phase of uncertainty in his life, Francisco Javier Tejero Vargas, with his vast experience in the pharmaceutical sector decided to help others facing similar challenges.

Leveraging his experience in the industry he established Matraz Innova, a pharmaceutical consulting company that offers support to various sectors including pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, distribution, and cosmetics.

Francisco’s educational background encompasses various studies, including involvement in the pharmaceutical industry, distribution, medical equipment consulting, and more.

Adding to the rhythm of his life is his inclination to music, which led him to be a part of a conservatory with flute and piano. His varied experience has inspired the establishment of multiple ventures, including Matraz Innova, SHAMUSIC, and VOLCANUS.

With his broad expertise and interests, Francisco continues to shape the industry and his story serves as a source of inspiration to many aspiring professionals.

Could you please share with us your personal journey and what inspired you to venture into the biotechnology and healthcare sectors?

I’m a pharmacist with a lot of ambition who, when I finished pharmacy school, didn’t know what to do with my life. I pursued master’s degrees one after another until I had several. I’m a restless mind like many of you who has always wanted to create things, evidenced by my time in the conservatory with flute and piano. The reason for studying or venturing into the biotechnology and health sectors was purely coincidental. I didn’t know what to do. What I was clear about is that I wanted something related to health. I began my professional career in several companies, in pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical distribution, consulting, medical equipment companies, etc., but I wasn’t sure. Seeing that this problem could be affecting more people, I launched the Matraz Innova Podcast, to help raise awareness of the Pharmaceutical Industry from the inside, managing to interview executives, managers, and technicians from companies such as Astrazeneca, Bayer, Reig Jofre, Janssen, J&J, etc. This led to the creation of Matraz Innova as a pharmaceutical services company. Additionally, that same year, I created two more companies, SHAMUSIC, the first web3 platform that connects musical talent, and VOLCANUS, a textile and merchandising company.

Could you explain Matraz Innova’s vision for transforming the healthcare sector and how its leadership drives the company towards achieving this vision?

Matraz Innova was born as a result of a market need for services for the pharmaceutical industry. We want to revolutionize the pharmaceutical world, including innovation in all facets and steps of drug production, clinical, and medical. Matraz Innova’s leadership is characterized by its strategic focus and commitment to excellence in providing services to the pharmaceutical industry, as well as having people fully committed to helping executives of pharmaceutical companies. Our team is composed of experts passionate about driving change and innovation in the healthcare sector. We have both junior and senior people on the team. We strive to foster an organizational culture that promotes creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration among our employees to develop disruptive solutions that improve efficiency, quality, and access to cutting-edge medical care. Additionally, we are committed to researching and developing new technologies and practices that allow us to be at the forefront of the transformation of the healthcare sector.

What unique ideas or perspectives does Matraz Innova bring that contribute to its success and impact?

We have a vision of becoming the reference company within the pharmaceutical world. We want to aim to be that consultant that can request all kinds of information, that strategic company to bring therapeutic innovation to all patients. An important pillar is the team within the company, partnerships with other companies, and an external team that supports us at all times. In the end, companies are made up of people, the basic pillar of any organization. We trust in our team, we trust in people.

How do you balance the demands of leading a successful company like Matraz Innova and staying up-to-date with the latest advances in healthcare innovation?

The fact of being at the helm of a company like Matraz Innova requires a lot of commitment to it. Matraz Innova, I recognize that it is very important to stay constantly updated on the latest advances in healthcare innovation to be leaders in the sector. To do this, we have implemented a culture of continuous learning and daily professional development, that is, every day I devote time to studying the market and new trends to implement them in our clients. I have also established strategic alliances with academic institutions, research centers, and other companies in the sector to access specialized knowledge and collaborate on joint research and development projects. We also actively participate in conferences, seminars, and sector events to stay abreast of the latest developments and establish networks with other professionals and experts in the field of innovation.

Could you highlight some key initiatives or projects that exemplify the company’s commitment to driving significant change in healthcare?

We are currently carrying out clinical projects such as monitoring clinical trials in the market. We are working on the development of artificial intelligence technologies and data analysis to improve the use of information gathered from these studies. We are also implementing innovative solutions in data management and electronic medical records to optimize efficiency and safety in the provision of healthcare services. These initiatives exemplify our commitment to driving significant change in healthcare, through the application of innovative technologies and practices that improve the patient experience, optimize resources, and contribute to improving clinical outcomes.

What message would you like to convey to those who aspire to follow in your footsteps and have a significant impact on reshaping the future of healthcare?

My message is clear, be consistent in what you want. As Brian Tracy says, “If you believe it, you achieve it.” That is my motto in business and aspirations in life. In the end, what we must seek is to impact people’s lives, and through entrepreneurship, we can achieve it. Keep in mind that we should not do things for money, but we must have the ambition to change the world or at least improve it.