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Laura Warren
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The director of Elite Living Nutrition is Laura Warren, a multi-award-winning health and nutrition professional from Inistioge, County Kilkenny, who has a contagious enthusiasm for nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being.

Having worked in the health and beauty sectors for fifteen years, she was crowned the Best Nutritionist Ireland 2023 and feels that the two go hand in hand.

Laura has more than 110,000 Instagram followers, to whom she posts meal planning and daily nutrition updates. Laura wants to enable people everywhere to make significant improvements to their health. And that’s a marathon, not a sprint, in her opinion.

Along with her excursions over Ireland, she entertains her audience with stories of her many Sunday drives with her English and French bulldogs, Harry and Monkey, and her cherished French bulldog, Homer.

A naturopathic nutritionist promotes the use of organic, complete foods as medicine, as they are essential to the body’s ability to cure itself.

In terms of my methodology, I teach my customers how to take care of themselves and what it takes to be in peak health.

Since every person is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition; we are all diverse in our likes, dislikes, intolerances, allergies, and other characteristics.

People who participate in my 30-Day Sculpt & Shred program learn how to take charge of their own health care and how to change their lifestyle by implementing nutritionist concepts.

The largest challenge that my clients encounter in adopting new behaviors is typically one of motivation, willpower, and the capacity to maintain behavior change over time.

It can be tough to break old habits because people frequently have deeply ingrained behavioral patterns that are hard to break.

Changes in priorities, societal pressures, and the environment are examples of external factors that might impede the process of changing a habit. Therefore, this is frequently the reason customers use my services: to obtain the knowledge, direction, and encouragement needed to go past these challenges.

My normal workday commences at 7 a.m., if the dogs haven’t woken me earlier!

After they’ve been allowed to go about their business, I can take care of mine.I access my Elite Nutrition app and monitor each client’s progress, including their food intake, weight gain, and any specific issues or remarks they may be having.

As I previously stated, everyone of my clients has a nutrition plan that is specifically designed to meet their needs, and they all need unique attention and reactions. After completing the morning schedule, I take care of my own health, which usually entails a one-hour workout or a 5-kilometer hike.

Afterwards, a late, healthy breakfast which includes a combination of protein, health fats, carbs, and fibre to provide sustained energy and support across the day. I like to include physical activity in my morning routine since it gives me more energy and releases feel-good endorphins!

To be honest, I don’t think resolutions for the new year are a good idea. This may seem odd coming from someone whose company is busiest around this time of year, but the truth is that anyone can choose to start again at any point in their lives.

This is also the reason I disapprove of yo-yo dieting and short-term weight loss plans since they are all short-lived fads with no lasting benefits. You need to locate a long-lasting program that teaches you how to become the best version of yourself if you want to reduce weight and enhance your nutritional health.

For a lot of people, the issue is frequently simply not knowing where to begin. The good news is that you can get a healthy nutritional balance without harming your body or yourself—a notion I wholeheartedly disagree with—if you do a little research.

You shouldn’t feel hungry after following a healthy diet; instead, you should feel full and invigorated all day.

When they first start my 30-Day Sculpt & Shred course, first-time customers are astonished by how much food they can consume and yet achieve the results they need to get in the best condition of their lives. Don’t follow trends—follow the science!

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