Hungary Intends to have one of the Best Healthcare Systems in Europe

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Healthcare professionals in Hungary will see a further increase in wages as part of the second phase of wage hikes in March, following an 11% pay rise for doctors in January. The average base salary for doctors has been raised to HUF 2,197,000 (EUR 5,780), while healthcare professionals will receive HUF 595,000 (EUR 1,576), equivalent to 37% of the average base salary of doctors, according to Sándor Pintér, Hungary’s interior minister, who oversees healthcare. Pintér shared improvements in Hungarian healthcare since the ministry took over sector coordination, expressing the government’s ambition to establish one of Europe’s best healthcare systems.

Highlighting Hungary’s ranking as the 7th best place in Europe for hospital infections, Pintér emphasized the goal of achieving the top position. He refuted claims of a gradual decline in the number of healthcare workers, considering the elimination and potential penalization of gratuity payments as a significant achievement. Pintér stated that gratuities are an immoral basis for building a fair system.

Responding to inquiries from opposition committee members regarding ventilators purchased during the pandemic and still stored in warehouses, Pintér explained that it was impossible to predict the exact number needed in advance. Hungary aimed to avoid a situation similar to Italy’s hospitals, and the unused ventilators would replace outdated ones in the country’s healthcare institutions.

Overall, Pintér’s presentation emphasized the government’s commitment to enhancing healthcare, reflected in increased wages, efforts to combat hospital infections, and the removal of gratuity payments to ensure a fair system. The minister’s vision for Hungary includes building one of Europe’s leading healthcare systems, addressing challenges and continually working toward improvements.

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