Pink Ribbon Highlights Impressive Progress in Breast Cancer Research

Pink Ribbon
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The Mayo Pink Ribbon Charity Cycle 2024 was officially launched at ATU Mayo, featuring an engaging presentation on the latest advancements in breast cancer research. The event also highlighted the allocation of funds raised annually by the organization.

Professor Michael Kerin, Professor of Surgery at the University of Galway and Research Director of the National Breast Cancer Research Institute (NBCRI), along with Dr. Róisín Dwyer, Associate Professor of Translational Science at the university, addressed an audience comprising ATU Vice-President Dr. Justin Kerr, ATU staff, student nurses, hospital personnel, Mayo Pink Ribbon cyclists, and supporters.

Professor Kerin outlined how research has enhanced our understanding of the diverse types of breast cancer, emphasizing the need for tailored treatment strategies rather than a uniform approach. These advancements have contributed to higher recovery rates and less invasive treatments for many women. He underscored the significance of housing laboratory research and clinical trials under one roof at the Lambe Institute in Galway, highlighting NBCRI’s collaborative efforts with research institutions worldwide.

Of particular interest is the ongoing trial of a pioneering microwave imaging technology at the institute, which has the potential to revolutionize breast cancer diagnosis based on early reports.

Dr. Roisin Dwyer passionately discussed her work in cell communication and her efforts to develop an alternative method of delivering chemotherapy drugs that can precisely target cancerous tumors without harming healthy tissue.

Yvonne Horkan of Mayo Pink Ribbon shared that nearly €1.5 million has been raised for NBCRI since the organization’s inaugural cycle in 2010. She expressed pride in Dr. Dwyer, the first recipient of research funding from Mayo Pink Ribbon, who has spearheaded innovative research projects at the institute ever since.

The message echoed throughout the event was clear: progress in breast cancer research relies on funding. To make a difference, support the Mayo Pink Ribbon Charity Cycle and street collections on May 4th.

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