Tony Holohan Poised for a New Role as Cancer Consultant within HSE

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Former Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan has secured a new medical position following the collapse of his previous job offer amidst scandal. Dr. Holohan, widely recognized for his role during the Covid-19 pandemic, is set to assume a consultant position in public health medicine with a significantly higher salary. Despite past controversies, including his involvement in the CervicalCheck scandal, he will focus on cancer prevention and treatment in his new role. The salary for this position ranges up to €257,000, surpassing his earnings as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Holohan’s appointment comes after a failed attempt to appoint him to a university position, and he is reported to have been selected through an open competition for the consultant position within the HSE’s National Cancer Control Programme.

The HSE stated that the process of filling the post is still ongoing and declined to provide further comments. The National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) collaborates with healthcare providers nationwide to prevent and treat cancer, aiming to enhance survival rates and the quality of life for individuals affected by the disease.

While the formal job offer has not yet been extended, Dr. Holohan has been informed that he is the preferred candidate for the position he applied for. In his previous role as chief medical officer, Dr. Holohan earned a salary exceeding €187,000. With his anticipated appointment to the new role, he will be entering into a medical consultant contract with a salary ranging from €214,000 to €257,000.

Following his tenure as chief medical officer, Dr. Holohan has authored a memoir. Tragically, his wife, Dr. Emer Holohan, passed away in 2021 after battling a rare form of blood cancer for a decade.

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