8 Movies That Will Boost Your IQ

 Waking Life (2001)

Directed by Richard Linklater, "Waking Life" is an animated philosophical journey where the protagonist explores various existential themes through a series of dream-like conversations.

Pi (1998)

This psychological thriller by Darren Aronofsky follows a paranoid mathematician obsessed with finding a universal number that unlocks the patterns of nature. 

Memento (2000)

Christopher Nolan's "Memento" features a man with short-term memory loss trying to solve his wife's murder. The non-linear narrative structure forces viewers to piece together the story, 

The Imitation Game (2014)

This biographical drama depicts the life of Alan Turing, a pioneering mathematician who helped crack the Enigma code during World War II. 

Inception (2010)

Through its exploration of complex mathematical problems and deep philosophical discussions, the movie highlights the importance of education and emotional intelligence​ 

A Beautiful Mind (2001) 

Based on the life of Nobel Prize-winning mathematician John Nash, this film explores the concepts of game theory and the Nash equilibrium 

 Inside Out (2015)

Pixar's "Inside Out" is not just a children's movie; it offers a sophisticated look at the complexity of human emotions. 

Good Will Hunting (1997)

This Oscar-winning film tells the story of a janitor with a genius-level intellect who works at MIT.