With Measles Toll Reaching Seven, Health Experts Urge Public for Vaccination


A new report released today reveals that seven deaths attributed to measles have occurred in the European Union so far this year. Romania accounted for six of these fatalities, while Ireland reported one death.

The European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) warns that measles cases are likely to continue rising in the coming months due to lower vaccination rates.

Dr. Andrea Ammon, Director of the ECDC, emphasized the importance of vaccination, stating, “Nobody should die from measles. The surge in measles cases, a highly contagious yet vaccine-preventable disease, underscores the need for all member states to intensify efforts to achieve and sustain high vaccination coverage against all vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccines offer a safe and effective means to reduce the burden of infectious diseases and prevent unnecessary loss of life.”

According to the ECDC, infants who are too young to be immunised are at the highest level of risk. This relates to babies under the age of one year.

Unvaccinated children under five years old are also at increased risk as measles can have several complications in this age group.

Furthermore, individuals with compromised immune systems face a heightened risk of severe complications from measles.

Achieving vaccination coverage of 95% or higher among the population is crucial to halt the spread of this easily transmissible disease within a country or community.

The ECDC underscores the need to redouble efforts to reach individuals who are unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated.

It stresses the importance of ensuring equitable access to immunization, particularly for vulnerable groups like migrants, ethnic minorities, and those residing in crowded environments such as refugee camps.

While one case of measles has been officially confirmed in Ireland this year, several potential cases are currently under investigation.

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