COVID Spread Concerning, It Remains Highly Infectious Illness: Dr Eamonn Shanahan

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Dr. Eamonn Shanahan is encouraging patients with COVID-like symptoms to separate themselves in order to protect the elderly and fragile, following a recent increase in instances across the county.

Dr. Shanahan, who runs a clinic at the Farranfore Medical Centre, says there is a surge in persons arriving with respiratory illnesses, many of whom have COVID without realizing it. He feels this complicates efforts to reduce transmission.

Fortunately, the disease is rather minor. This is most likely because many people have developed tolerance to the present strain, which is less severe than it was four years ago.

On June 27, the latest national COVID case count was 1,049. However, Dr. Shanahan believes the genuine amount is several times higher because people are not self-isolating. The important medical advise is not to return to isolation, but to be aware that the virus is in circulation. Handwashing and wearing masks in areas with a higher risk of transmission are still recommended.”Everyone is noticing quite a surge,” Dr. Shanahan stated.

“The most typical experience or symptom is a cold, which includes a runny nose, scratchy eyes, and a tickly cough. People are neither ill or sick from this. Having said that, the previous caveats still apply to otherwise vulnerable people, such as the elderly or those with underlying medical concerns,” he noted.

He recommended people to be aware that the virus is still in circulation and to take appropriate precautions. “I would simply want folks to be aware of it. “Because it remains a highly infectious illness, we strongly advise people to isolate if they contract it,” Dr Shanahan stated.

“If someone has COVID, they should avoid contact with others for five days. The difficulty is that if a large number of people in the workforce become ill at the same time, you will have a far larger number of workers absent. “I am aware of one nursing home where five members of staff are currently out with COVID,” Dr Shanahan stated.

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