HPSC Highlights Alarming Surge in COVID-19 Cases


According to the most recent data, there has been a notable increase in the number of confirmed instances of Covid-19 over the past week—up 60% from the week before. In comparison to the 650 instances recorded the week prior, there were 1,049 confirmed cases in the week ending last Saturday, according to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC).

According to the center, the prevalence of Covid-19 in Ireland is “moderate to high”.

Additionally, 486 hospital admissions occurred last week, a 56% increase from the week before.

In the last week, three deaths connected to the illness have been documented. There have been no reported admissions to intensive care within the past week. ICU admissions have been steady overall during this wave.

The nationwide confirmed Covid-19 data are considered estimates since they only include cases in which physicians advised patients to be tested; also, the HSE service that permitted individuals to schedule PCR tests or antigen kits was discontinued in the spring of last year. Currently the most common variety in Ireland and the world, JN.1 Covid is not considered a variant of concern.

Additionally, physicians state that there is no proof connecting this variation to more serious illnesses. KP.3, a sublineage of JN.1, is another variant that is on the rise, however there is also no proof that it is associated with more severe disease. An increase in Covid-19 outbreaks in nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare settings is another effect of the virus’s increased population transmission.

Compared to the 48 outbreaks reported the week before, there were 62 this past week.

Earlier this month, the HSE suspended its spring booster immunization program for specific at-risk populations in preparation for the summer. It was intended for individuals 80 years of age or above, children with weakened immune systems five years of age or older, and residents of long-term assisted living facilities for the elderly.

Physicians recommend that anyone experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, no matter how minor, stay at home until 48 hours after the symptoms have mostly or completely disappeared. They should also stay away from social interactions, particularly with those who fall into high-risk groups.

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