Dr. Duffy Highlights on Identifying Scabies Symptoms

Dr. Duffy

GP Monaghan Dr. Illona Duffy discusses scabies with Claire, including how to recognize it and what to do if you contract it. Go back and listen above.

A human parasite is undoubtedly one of the worst uninvited guests you might have in your life. Although most of us prefer not to consider their existence, getting rid of scabies mites can be a nightmare if you’re unlucky enough to contract the infection.

Claire Byrne spoke with Monaghan physician Illona Duffy to learn more about the itch-causing skin ailment and what you need do to get rid of the mites from your house and any other places they may have established a home.

Small mites that burrow into the skin and begin multiplying ferociously once they are there are the source of the irritating skin disorder known as scabies. It may take several days for the mites to settle in and begin reproducing before you notice anything, so a diagnosis may not come right away. Dr. Duffy claims that people only end up in his operation when the eggs start to hatch since that’s when the scratching starts:

“They mature into adults 10 to 15 days later, at which point your skin has an allergic reaction. Therefore, it takes a few weeks after contracting their infection before you may even begin to feel the itch. Thus, they are present and regrettably, they are procreating at that time.”

According to Dr. Duffy, she asks every patient about the specifics of how the infection came to be. One sign that someone might have scabies, according to her, is not getting enough sleep:
“People typically come in with a rash and/or an itching. However, the rash is frequently not the main concern at first.

I begin by taking a thorough look at each person and getting their history; therefore, we are seeking for those who say things like, “I feel like I could rip my skin off at night because I’m so itchy.”

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