This Skincare Founder is Establishing An Empire With The Goal Of Internal Healing

Skincare Founder
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Strong spices have long been associated with healing, cleansing, and purification.

Jewish people meticulously prepare meals for Havdalah, the Shabbat end ceremony, with the intention of honoring important portions of the story of the ancient Israelites. Joseph Zigelboum has always recognized the value of using the natural world to create a healthy lifestyle that connects his past with the present. But he didn’t truly understand the significance of spices, especially turmeric, until he had to deal with his father’s protracted illness.

Zigelboum told me, “The origin story is that my father had rheumatoid arthritis for years and saw many doctors who prescribed many things, but nothing really helped.” “He gave it a try after I recommended it and stumbled upon turmeric, and it improved his life.”

After making that finding and spending months conducting extensive study, he founded Tumeri, an ethical skincare company, in 2020 with the goal of reaching as many people as possible. Turmeric is known for its therapeutic qualities.

“Our purpose is so much bigger than skincare,” he remarked. Indeed, it began as a skincare line centered around turmeric, emphasizing the advantages of the world’s most potent natural anti-inflammatory. However, the concept goes well beyond that. Inflammation is the common factor among diseases, bloating, joint pain, and acne. These days, we live such inflammatory lives, especially when it comes to the things we eat.

The lifestyle brand introduces consumers to the advantages of conscious self-care with a selection of around a dozen products designed to heal them from the inside out. Zigelboum acknowledges that competition is fierce in the $146 billion worldwide skincare business, but he believes Tumeri is in a class apart.

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