In Texas, Amazon Begins Delivering Medications by Drone


Amazon Pharmacy customers in College Station, Texas, can now receive prescription medications delivered by drone, according to a company blog post. Eligible customers can access over 500 medications, including treatments for common conditions such as asthma and the flu, with drone delivery promised in less than 60 minutes at no additional cost. The service is part of Amazon’s ongoing efforts to enhance its pharmacy services.

Amazon Pharmacy, launched in 2020 following the acquisition of PillPack in 2018, offers a full-service pharmacy accessible online. The company has been enticing Amazon Pharmacy customers with prescription perks and savings benefits for Prime members this year. The drone delivery service in College Station is limited to customers who sign up for Prime Air and complete a yard survey. Amazon’s drones are equipped with cameras to identify objects such as people and animals.

Flying between 40 meters and 120 meters in airspace with minimal obstacles, the drones descend, and release packages once they determine the delivery space is clear. If obstacles are detected, the drone returns to the Amazon fulfillment center to reattempt delivery later. While Amazon has worked on drone delivery for years, it has faced internal challenges, including the loss of key executives in August and significant layoffs in the Prime Air unit.

Despite these issues, Amazon noted that it has successfully delivered hundreds of household items via drone to consumers in College Station since late last year. The move represents another step toward advancing drone delivery capabilities and integrating them into everyday services.

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