Champions from Thanet Honoured at Kent Mental Health Awards

Kent Mental

The 2023 Kent Mental Wellbeing Awards honoured the top initiatives and organizations in the area that are working to enhance wellbeing.

At the ceremony, which took place at Hempstead House, close to Sittingbourne, thirty-three winners and fifteen champions from Kent, Medway, Bexley, and Bromley were named.

Nicola Everett from KMFM and Simon Dolby from Mind in Bexley and East Kent hosted the event. Mind organized the event. Speaker Sir Terry Waite was a VIP.

Dr. Anjan Ghosh, Kent County Council’s director of public health, and Andrew Kennedy, a deputy cabinet member, gave keynote addresses.

Over 230 people submitted nominations for the awards, and each category’s contenders underwent a thorough evaluation and selection process by a diverse panel to guarantee that only the most deserving honourees were given recognition.

Representatives from the ADM Computing, CommunityAd, Blessing by Ble, Optyma Security, MHA Accountants, GrainLNG, Cactus Graphics, Medway Council and Kent County Council were among the judges. Four Thanet-based organizations were recognized as winners at the 2023 Kent Mental Wellbeing Awards. The Hope Community Arts Fund was the recipient of the Thanet Partnership Award.

Many people in Kent and Medway have heard the inspiring message of hope this summer thanks to the Hope Community Arts Fund program, which is led by Hollie Brennan from the Kent and Medway Suicide Prevention Team.

The realization that artistic endeavours had a beneficial effect on participants’ mental health gave rise to the program. The Hope Community Arts Fund sought to use it for therapeutic purposes.

Eleven community initiatives, including Broadstairs Town Shed, brought together various groups of individuals to create artwork that represented hope throughout the program. The artworks were displayed in several locations, including as the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells, Fremlin Walk in Maidstone, Chatham Library, and Turner Contemporary.

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