Marta Moya Martín: Sparking a Beauty Revolution with Passion and Vision

Marta Moya Martín | Co-founder & COO | MIA COSMETICS PARIS
Marta Moya Martín | Co-founder & COO | MIA COSMETICS PARIS

From finance to fashion, and finally to the beauty and wellness industry, Marta Moya Martín’s career has been nothing short of extraordinary. As the Co-founder and COO of MIA Cosmetics Paris, Marta has leveraged her diverse background to create products that combine elegance with skin care.

Since its launch in 2015, MIA Cosmetics Paris has become a leader in the Spanish nail polish market and is rapidly expanding internationally. Marta’s strategic vision and dedication have driven the brand to new heights, offering high-quality, affordable beauty solutions that cater to the needs of modern consumers.

Let’s discover Marta Moya Martín’s inspiring journey of setting new standards in the beauty industry in the interview below!

Please tell us a bit about your background and what led you to co-found MIA COSMETICS PARIS.

My journey began with a degree in Business Administration from ICADE, which initially led me into the world of finance. However, I quickly realized that my true passion lay elsewhere. I transitioned into the fashion and beauty industry, gaining invaluable experience at renowned companies such as Cortefiel, Pepe Jeans, and Inditex, where I worked at Stradivarius in Barcelona. My roles in these companies, especially as the Buying Manager for outerwear at Stradivarius, honed my skills in branding, market dynamics, and leadership. The idea to co-found MIA Cosmetics Paris came from a desire to create a brand that marries beauty with wellness. We wanted to offer products that not only enhance appearance but also care for the skin. Inspired by the elegance of French beauty and driven by a commitment to high-quality, affordable products, we launched MIA Cosmetics Paris in 2015. Our vision was to democratize high-end cosmetics, making them accessible while maintaining premium standards. This vision, combined with a dedicated team and a focus on innovation, has allowed us to grow into a leading brand in the Spanish market and beyond.

Can you give us an overview of MIA COSMETICS PARIS and the products and services you offer?

MIA Cosmetics Paris, founded in 2015, is dedicated to combining the latest beauty trends with high-quality formulations under the principle of “Color & Care”. Our brand offers a wide range of products designed to bring happiness and well-being, all while maintaining a French-inspired elegance. We are the leading brand in nail polish sales in Spanish pharmacies, holding a 41% market share. Our nail polish collection features innovative 12-Free formulations, offering high pigmentation and brilliant shine, and we also provide a range of bio-sourced nail polishes made with 75% natural ingredients. Our extensive range of nail treatments includes products like the Triple 5, Bio-sourced Triple 5, SOS Magic Nails, Calcium Milk Enamel, and more. These treatments are designed to improve nail health, strengthen nails, and address specific nail concerns.

Our minimalist makeup collection is formulated for a natural, everyday look, including lipsticks, CC creams, compact powders, primers, concealers, eye makeup, and more. Each product is designed to enhance natural beauty while caring for the skin. We also have our latest “Blooming Collection”, designed specifically for sensitive, reddened skin. In terms of skincare, our FLOWELL Collection aims to create moments of serenity in daily routines.

Our value proposition centers on offering premium quality at affordable prices, democratizing high-end cosmetics with formulations that are accessible to all. All our products are dermatologically tested to ensure safety and suitability for every skin type. From brand imagery to product displays, everything exudes sophistication and elegance.

MIA Cosmetics Paris is present in over 3,000 pharmacies in Spain and has expanded to markets in Portugal, Italy, Greece, Kuwait, Arab countries, and Slovenia. Our growth continues to exceed market averages, reflecting the increasing demand for our products. Through innovative marketing strategies, including educational videos, social media engagement, and collaborations with influencers and beauty boxes, we continue to build trust and awareness among consumers.

What are you most proud of in terms of MIA COSMETICS PARIS’ accomplishments so far?

I am incredibly proud of MIA Cosmetics Paris’ journey and the milestones we have achieved. One of our most significant accomplishments is becoming the number one brand in nail polish sales in Spanish pharmacies. This achievement is particularly meaningful given the competitive landscape and the initial skepticism we faced. We are proud to have secured 41% of the market share in this category, surpassing well-established competitors. Additionally, our success extends beyond nail care. We are now ranked among the top five brands in the makeup category within Spanish pharmacies. What makes these accomplishments even more gratifying is knowing that we achieved them without the extensive resources that larger companies possess. Our growth and market leadership have been driven by our commitment to high-quality products, affordability, and the principle of “Color & Care.” It is a reflection of the trust and loyalty our customers have in us, which motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries and setting new standards in the beauty industry.

How is MIA COSMETICS PARIS innovating and making a positive impact in the cosmetics industry and for your customers?

We are committed to driving innovation and making a positive impact in the cosmetics industry and for our customers through several key initiatives. Firstly, we prioritize the development of high-quality, safe, and effective products. Our formulations are dermatologically tested and designed to be suitable for all skin types, ensuring that our customers can trust and rely on our products. In terms of innovation, we are constantly exploring new ingredients and technologies to enhance our product offerings. For example, our bio-sourced nail polishes utilize up to 75% natural ingredients derived from plants. This aligns with our “Color & Care” philosophy, which emphasizes both beauty and well-being.

We also focus on creating products that address the real needs of our customers. Our minimalist makeup collection is designed for a natural, everyday look, catering to modern consumers who seek simplicity and efficiency in their beauty routines. By listening to our customers and understanding their preferences, we can tailor our innovations to meet their expectations and enhance their daily lives.

Lastly, our marketing and educational efforts aim to build trust and foster a deeper connection with our audience. We use engaging content, collaborations with influencers, and transparent communication to educate our customers about our products and their benefits. This approach helps us create a loyal community that values both our brand and the positive impact we strive to make.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses, especially in the health and wellness space?

My advice is to be authentic and true to your vision. Authenticity is key in building a brand that resonates with people. Understand what makes your brand unique and let that drive everything you do. Remember, if you are just another player in the market, you risk becoming one of the many and not standing out.

Strive to be the best in your niche. This means dedicating yourself to continuous learning and improvement. Stay updated with the latest trends, research, and innovations in your field. Your commitment to excellence will set you apart and earn the trust of your customers.

Having a clear value proposition is crucial. Know what differentiates you from your competitors and make sure this is evident in your branding, marketing, and customer interactions. Your unique selling points should be at the forefront of your communication strategy, helping you to carve out a distinct identity in a crowded market.

Furthermore (and most important), be prepared to face challenges and setbacks. Entrepreneurship is a journey filled with ups and downs. Resilience and perseverance are essential traits. Learn from each experience and adapt quickly. Your ability to navigate obstacles and remain steadfast in your vision will ultimately determine your success.

And finally, surround yourself with a supportive network. Build relationships with mentors, peers, and professionals who can offer guidance, feedback, and encouragement. These connections can provide invaluable insights and help you avoid common pitfalls.


The future for MIA Cosmetics Paris is incredibly exciting. Our primary goal is to further internationalize the brand and expand our presence in new markets. We are particularly focused on entering and establishing ourselves in the Middle Eastern markets starting in 2024.

In the next 5-10 years, we aim to become the leading makeup brand in pharmacies, and not just in Spain. Our commitment to quality, safety, and affordability will remain at the core of our growth strategy.

Overall, we envision MIA Cosmetics Paris as a globally recognized and trusted brand, leading the market in pharmacy-based makeup and nail care. We are committed to making beauty accessible and enjoyable for all, while also being a responsible and forward-thinking company.