NHS Forth Valley’s Installation of £1 million worth of Imaging Machines to Bring Significant Benefits to Patients

imaging machines
Image used for information purpose only. Picture Credit: https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk

At Forth Valley Royal Hospital, two new imaging machines have been installed to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of various health conditions. These digital machines operate faster, reducing patient waiting times in the radiology department, and enabling staff to handle more cases daily. This investment by the health board amounts to £1 million. The new Ultimax machine facilitates the capture of high-quality images and videos using contrast dye.

This technology serves multiple purposes, including examining patients who face challenges in chewing and swallowing food, often following a stroke, and evaluating joints to determine suitability for hip or knee replacement. Additionally, it aids in positioning catheters and PICC lines, guiding needles for injecting local anesthetic into joints, and inserting stents for treating various cancers such as bowel, stomach, gallbladder, and liver cancer. Furthermore, it supports a diverse range of investigations conducted by the endoscopy department.

The Alphenix Sky+ system, a pioneering installation in Scotland, boasts a distinctive feature: the ability to fully rotate around the patient table, capturing images from all perspectives. This versatile machine facilitates a variety of intricate procedures and scans, such as inserting small metal coils into veins or arteries to block blood supply to cancerous tumors, and placing stents to clear blockages and maintain blood flow.

These new imaging machines will help the doctors with clear and quick diagnosis and save time. Moreover the accuracy of these advanced machines will contribute in decision making for the right treatment.

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