Severe Caution Cited as a Highly Dangerous Disease Spreading in Ireland

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A highly contagious illness is currently circulating throughout Ireland, and people are advised to watch out for the warning signs.
A notification concerning the increase in scabies cases was released by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC).
The notice stated that “There was an increase in the number of scabies outbreaks in Ireland in 2023, with 26 reported compared to nine in 2022.”Eight further outbreaks in 2024 have been reported as of February 15, 2024.
Only three outbreaks were reported in private residences in 2023; the majority of the outbreaks were in places where people were gathered, such as eight residential institutions and nine nursing homes.

Five cases were reported in the most recent incident, which happened at a southeast care facility in December.
Since scabies is not on the list of diseases that need to be reported, more cases probably go unreported.
The tiny mites that lay their eggs beneath the skin’s surface are the source of this prevalent skin ailment.
It can be readily transmitted from person to person.
It can still spread during the three to six week period after infection before symptoms show up.
The first symptom will be a generalized itching that may get worse at night.
There can also be a rash running from your fingers to your toes.

It can therefore be misdiagnosed as other illnesses like eczema or insect bites.
Even if it’s not a serious ailment, it needs to be treated in order to get better and stop spreading.
The World Health Organization and the HSE list the following as signs of scabies:
• Severe itching, particularly at night; • A raised rash or patches of spots
The fingers, wrists, arms, legs, and belt area can all have itchy lines (called linear burrows) and bumps (called papules). The male genitalia and female breasts might also have inflammatory lumps.
• In newborns and early children, the rash is typically larger on the scalp, palms, ankles, and soles of the feet.

The red-looking rash or patches can form anywhere, but they usually begin between the fingers.
Usually, it affects the entire body, excluding the head.
Pharmacies can give lotions or creams that you can use to cure scabies all over your body.
Everyone living in the house, including those with whom you have had sexual contact within the last eight weeks, needs to be treated concurrently, even if they are symptom-free.

“All clothing, bedding, and towels should be washed in a minimum 50 degrees Celsius wash cycle or put in a tumble dryer for 30 minutes at a minimum 50 degrees Celsius to destroy mites,” the HPSC recommends after the initial application of treatment. Items can also be stored for four days inside a plastic bag.These could include things like shoes, coats, caps, soft toys, and detachable coverings for kid car seats and strollers that have come into extended direct contact with the skin.”You can vacuum other things that have come into extended touch with flesh, like vehicle seats and mattresses.”
24 hours after the initial treatment, you can return to work or school. Although the treatment quickly eradicates the mites, the itching may linger for a few weeks.

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