Sepsis Emerging as Silent Killer in Irish Hospitals: HSE Survey


Experts in medicine have voiced concerns about the rise in sepsis cases. In total, 3,219 people in Irish hospitals lost their lives to sepsis in 2022. One in five people will die from the illness, according to the HSE.

Speaking to the sources about the concerning figures, an HSE representative said, “We extend our sympathy to the families and friends of those who have lost their lives to sepsis.

“Sepsis requires urgent medical attention and can hide behind any infection at any age making it harder to detect,” they added.

In Ireland, sepsis affects 13,000 individuals annually; however, in 2022, 15,000 cases were reported. It is a potentially fatal infection-related consequence that poses a serious risk to life.
If it is detected and treated promptly, patients can recover fully. However, if patients don’t receive treatment right away, it can result in multiple organ failures and even death.

Knowing the warning signs and symptoms and following your instincts if you think you may be experiencing sepsis are crucial. Even if a person is unsure, they should always seek medical attention right away, according to the HSE.

The HSE states that the following are the main signs of adult sepsis: a pounding in the chest; difficulty breathing, rapid breathing, or dyspnea; slightly blue or blue lips; dizziness or faintness; feeling clammy and pale; cold hands and feet; decreased frequency of urination; a rash that doesn’t go away; severe muscle pain; severe leg pain or difficulty standing; and a diagnosis of infection that does not improve after 24 hours. It has been recommended that anyone experiencing even one of these symptoms get medical help.

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