Torben Frank Andersen: Visionary Transforming the Landscape of Allergy Treatment

Torben Frank Andersen
Torben Andersen

Healthcare, where breakthroughs are often celebrated, lacks attention to one domain – allergies. An allergy, a complex immune system response to typically harmless substances, can manifest itself in a range of symptoms when the allergic individual encounters an allergen. From mild discomfort to severe reactions, allergies impact millions worldwide.

Torben Frank Andersen emerges as a champion of health committed to addressing this overlooked field of healthcare. He recognized the limitations of traditional approaches and ventured into the domain, driven by the belief that the solution lies in addressing allergies at their core.

As the Founder and Owner of AllergiKompagniet, Torben has dedicated his significant professional years to revolutionizing allergy treatment through ALFA Kinesiology—an advanced method designed to explore the depths of the subconscious, offering profound relief for allergies, anxiety, and phobias.

ALFA Kinesiology has gained prominence for its efficacy in treating various health issues, notably allergies. Torben, armed with a Ph.D. in Biology and expertise in Alfa-Kinesiology, founded AllergiKompagniet with a mission—to provide a swift, medicine-free, and highly effective treatment for allergies of all kinds and across all age groups.

Torben challenges conventional methods with AllergiKompagniet’s unique approach. By treating allergies as psychosomatic ailments, Torben and his team have crafted a treatment methodology that is not only natural and easy to practice but has also demonstrated remarkable success in curing various allergic reactions.

In our exclusive interaction with Torben, we explore the story behind AllergiKompagniet and gain insights into how he is reshaping healthcare in Denmark.

Dive into the tale where science, relentless dedication, and innovative approaches converge, all in the pursuit of a healthier future.

From Ph.D. to Healing Hands

After completing his Ph.D. in Biology at the University of Copenhagen, Torben Andersen embarked on a scientific career. However, a desire for more meaningful human connections led him to explore alternative paths. Intrigued by ALFA Kinesiology, he underwent training in the field and has dedicated almost 25 years to its practice.

Reflecting on his journey, Torben states, “I started primarily with pain relief therapy. I had great success cooperating with the Danish communes, who sent clients when Doctors had given up, and we still got more than half back to work.” Unfortunately, this collaboration faced a setback in 2007 due to the reorganization of the communes. In response, during the transitional period, Torben established AllergiKompagniet, replacing RygKompagniet (The Back Company). This transition was fueled by the realization that allergy treatment, with its efficiency and applicability in the private market, could be managed in fewer sessions.

Since its inception, AllergiKompagniet has been at the forefront of treating over 18,000 clients with diverse health challenges. Torben and his team have successfully addressed allergies, asthma, eczema, intolerances, hypersensitivities, autoimmune diseases, and more through their unique method.

Denmark’s Premier Institution for All-Natural Allergy Relief

In the field of allergy treatment, AllergiKompagniet stands as an institution of innovation and success. With a commitment to providing a healthy, highly effective, and medicine-free solution for all types of allergies across various age groups, the company has become a leader in Denmark’s complementary healthcare landscape.

Torben emphasizes its unique position in the market, stating, “We are the largest complementary company treating allergies in Denmark because our primary focus is allergies, which no one else has chosen.” This singular dedication sets them apart, offering a specialized approach to addressing allergic conditions.

Unlike other therapeutic methods that may claim limited success, often providing relief for only a single season, AllergiKompagniet boasts remarkable results. Clients treated by the company have reported being allergy-free for over 15 years. This longevity of effectiveness speaks volumes about the comprehensive and enduring impact of their treatments.

Supported by data from a substantial client base, AllergiKompagniet’s approach yields impressive outcomes. On average, they successfully alleviate 79% of allergy symptoms and reduce the need for medication by 76% with fewer than two treatments per allergy. This statistic is derived from feedback received from 600 clients, encompassing a spectrum of over 1100 allergies.

Botanical Expertise Redefining Allergy Testing

Torben, with a background as a biologist, brings an in-depth understanding of the human body and its interaction with the environment to the forefront of AllergiKompagniet’s allergy testing. His botanical expertise plays a crucial role in crafting detailed test samples, particularly in addressing pollen allergies.

In Denmark, the standard skin prick test typically focuses on the Birch tree and Timothy grass. AllergiKompagniet, however, goes beyond the norm, testing for over 30 species of grass. Torben’s ability to pinpoint clients’ allergic reactions by identifying the specific species involved sets their approach apart.

Recognizing Birch tree pollen as the most allergenic, Torben acknowledges the prevalence of allergies to other tree pollens. Addressing this concern, he notes, “I personally collect all these samples each year to have fresh samples for our testing.” This dedication extends to testing around 25 species of tree pollen, ensuring a comprehensive approach to allergy treatment.

He further expresses, “Now I spend more time in nature than I did when I worked at the University, so I feel that I’m back where I want to be, in contact and connection with nature.”

Redefining Allergy Treatment through Neurological Reconditioning

During a session at AllergiKompagniet, the therapist initiates the process by identifying which allergens are relevant to the client. A thorough selection is made on either the first experienced or the most severe allergy for treatment. Employing specific techniques, the therapist tests the origins of the allergy, determining the age at which it was created.

A key aspect of the treatment involves guiding the brain to relax in the presence of the allergen. This is achieved by redirecting signals from the amygdala to the frontal lobes, shifting the response from an emotional reaction to a logical interpretation. Remarkably, this exercise often results in the alleviation of all other allergic responses.

Following the initial treatment, a period of observation ensues to determine the emergence of additional symptoms upon exposure to allergens. On average, AllergiKompagniet anticipates a range of 3-6 treatments per client to achieve comprehensive and lasting results.

Cracking the Code

In a groundbreaking realization, Torben asserts that allergies are similar to chemical phobias. This understanding became evident when a young boy, undergoing treatment for a social phobia, witnessed the disappearance of his grass pollen allergy during the session. Torben highlights, “Nobody before us has treated allergies as a psychosomatic ailment.”

Engaging with psychologists who readily recognize the parallels, AllergiKompagniet stands alone in its unique perspective. Notably, the distinctive aspect of their method is the rapid disappearance of symptoms within minutes during treatment. Torben sees this as proof that they have successfully deciphered the code governing allergies.

In contrast to conventional medical approaches, such as vaccinations, AllergiKompagniet treats all allergies of a client simultaneously. Torben emphasizes the efficiency of their method, achieving comprehensive results at a fraction of the cost and discomfort associated with traditional approaches.

Navigating Challenges

A new method in healthcare prompts concerns and questions, necessitating thorough investigation. AllergiKompagniet also encounters misconceptions and distrust, particularly from the medical community. Torben, the driving force behind the innovative approach, acknowledges the inherent challenges, stating, “The amount of positive data we have accumulated over time has somewhat silenced the opposition.”

Rooted in a biologist’s belief in empirical data, the method’s consistent positive outcomes have proven noteworthy. Despite accumulating evidence, allergy specialists in Denmark remain reluctant to participate in a scientific study. Torben highlights the paradox, pointing out that doctors, bound by the oath to prioritize harmless and healthy methods, might find it daunting to endorse a technique developed by a biologist.

Being at the front lines of an entirely new method poses its own challenges, especially when the claims involve aspects not fully understood by the public. Torben has actively addressed skepticism by participating in Danish TV programs and investing considerable effort in explaining the theory on the company’s website and to clients. Despite these efforts, some skepticism persists, but Torben emphasizes, “the only skeptics we cannot treat, are the ones that don’t show up!”

Complementary Healthcare in Denmark

In Denmark, the embrace of various complementary methods like acupuncture, massage, zone therapy, kinesiology, chiropractic care, and dietary specialists is commonplace. However, the widespread adoption of these methods faces a significant hurdle – the financial burden endured entirely by the individual, in contrast to the free access to conventional medical services.

Torben sheds light on this disparity, emphasizing the existence of two parallel systems that operate independently without mutual collaboration. Medical doctors are restricted from referring patients to most complementary treatments, creating a lack of synergy between the two healthcare paradigms.

Expressing his belief, Torben asserts, “I truly believe that you get more HEALTH for your money in complementary treatments, thereby preventing DISEASE, which is the main focus of the public ‘Health’ Care system.” The emphasis here is on shifting the focus from disease management to proactive health measures. Torben argues that addressing lifestyle-generated ailments through complementary treatments could ease pressure on hospitals, where healthcare professionals are often overburdened.

To bridge the gap, Torben advocates granting doctors the authority to refer patients to qualified therapists and providing a partial refund to incentivize individuals to explore complementary healthcare options independently. This, he suggests, could not only enhance the overall health and well-being of the population but also contribute to a more harmonious and integrated healthcare landscape in Denmark.

Scientific Validation and Global Impact

Torben envisions a future where the efficacy of AllergiKompagniet’s method is scientifically proven, moving it from an alternative to an accepted treatment within the healthcare system. Expressing his primary goal, Torben states, “My biggest goal for the future would definitely be to prove scientifically that the method works.” He recalls a mini experiment conducted on a TV program in 2015, which left two evaluating MDs astonished and suggesting a larger study.

To achieve scientific validation, the participation of a medical doctor is essential, requiring additional financial support. Torben expresses readiness to commence the project once the necessary requirements are met. Once scientifically proven, the method could be integrated into mainstream healthcare, allowing medical doctors to refer clients and potentially expanding AllergiKompagniet’s reach.

Beyond national borders, Torben aspires to educate students abroad in this unique method, currently unfamiliar outside Denmark. Recognizing the global rise in allergic individuals, he emphasizes, “There is an estimated 1 billion Allergic people in the world today, rising to 4 billion in 2050 according to the World Allergy Forum. Our method could indeed make a difference worldwide in a safe, healthy and medicine-free way.”

To achieve this global vision, Torben seeks both financial and operational partners in the relevant countries. By combining resources and expertise, AllergiKompagniet aims to play a pivotal role in addressing the growing global challenge of allergies in a transformative and accessible manner.

Paving the Path to Excellence

In offering valuable advice to healthcare professionals aspiring to elevate the field, Torben shares a mantra that encapsulates his journey: “Believe in your method, keep educating yourselves, keep an open mind, persevere, and above all – be PATIENT!” Torben underscores the importance of faith in one’s approach, continuous learning, maintaining an open-minded approach, persistence, and cultivating patience.

Highlighting the common challenge faced by therapists, Torben emphasizes, “You are NOT an expert from the beginning,” acknowledging that doubt often creeps in before professionals have the chance to learn from their mistakes. He urges healthcare practitioners not to succumb to self-doubt and to recognize that mistakes are part of the learning process. Torben encourages individuals to embrace these errors, learn from them, and ultimately grow in their practice.

Transformative Testimonials

Among the countless testimonials received by Torben, one of the most captivating stories involves a lady in her sixties who, after four sessions many years ago, wrote to express a newfound freedom: “Free at least from 30 years of imprisonment.” Battling severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) since her early twenties, she had lived a secluded life, unable to participate in social activities due to the debilitating nature of her symptoms. After the sessions, she went out for dinner in a restaurant without experiencing any symptoms, enjoying the company of others for the first time in over three decades. Remarkably, more than 15 years later, she continues to thrive, showcasing the profound and lasting impact of AllergiKompagniet’s method.

Another compelling case involves a man dealing with severe eczema that covered most of his body. Despite undergoing various hospital treatments, including light therapy, tar baths, and applying hormone cream twice a day, he remained skeptical when seeking help from Torben. After just one treatment and a month-long dietary adjustment, his eczema significantly improved. When he returned for his regular light treatment at the hospital, the transformation was so overwhelming that the medical staff struggled to recognize him. Despite acknowledging the effectiveness of Torben’s treatment, they were unable to officially refer or recommend it. Years later, the man remains in good health, highlighting the enduring success of the method employed by AllergiKompagniet.

Decoding Allergies

In their recent publication, Torben and his colleague, Ole Larsen, shed light on their method and the underlying causes of allergies. The book not only serves as a guide for treating and preventing allergies but also explores the reasons behind the steady rise in allergy cases, attributed in part to the demands of the Western lifestyle.

One of the key factors highlighted in the book is the impact of stress overload and frequent antibiotic treatments on disturbing the microbial balance in our intestines and skin, contributing to the development of allergies. The book includes over 40 real-life cases of clients with diverse ailments. These cases showcase the successful outcomes of the treatment method, often achieved in a remarkably short span of sessions.

Originally in Danish, the book has been translated into English with the title: “The Allergy Enigma is solved!”. The English version of the book awaits publication as Torben seeks the right publisher or project to bring their method and insights to a broader audience. The book promises to be a valuable resource for individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of allergies and explore effective preventive and treatment approaches.

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