UK gets $16 million for Expansion of Primary Care Physicians

Primary Care Physicians

Researchers from the University of Kentucky have found that patients are having difficulty locating a primary care physician in seven counties in Kentucky. Hickman and Ballard counties are in western Kentucky, but that might be remedied with the help of millions of dollars in grant funding.

To encourage students to return to impoverished areas and stay for a longer period of time, the University of Kentucky is receiving nearly $16 million to develop various programs.

Since she was up in a rural region, Dr. Stephanie White of the University of Kentucky is aware of the value of primary care doctors.

“I wanted to be able to provide that continuity of care that primary care physicians can haveā€”that is, that ongoing relationship you have with someone, rather than that one-time visit that gives great care right then and there,” stated White.

According to her, the funds would be utilized to support students in completing their degrees and finding employment in their home towns.

“Now that they have the medical information, they may be able to improve it slightly, but they also have the context to use it in. It’s like having the ideal combination to actually deliver patient-centered care,” the speaker remarked.

The grant will support the growth of MCAT preparation, scholarships, and undergraduate route programs.

“We want pupils to be free to pursue their interests. We want them to be free from the burden of worrying about how they will be able to repay their debt so they may return home and help their hometowns,” the spokeswoman stated.

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