West Park Care: Enabling High Quality Home Care in North & West Yorkshire

West Park Care

Older people prioritize their freedom over anything else. Elderly care requires a great deal of focus and 24/7 availability to meet their needs. However, such care appears difficult to deliver given our society’s growing busyness. Fortunately, home health care is a practical solution that provides individualized care that people can rely on.

Locally owned and operated, West Park Care was established to address the challenge of arranging home care for a loved one in the Harrogate region. The organization is able to provide outstanding home care services in Harrogate and surrounding regions because of its commitment to consistency in care and ongoing contact with its clients and their families. As a business, it aspires to perfection and is dedicated to giving the best care possible with the help of its amiable, professional, seasoned and well-trained care professionals.

The following are key points from a thorough interview between Euro Health Leaders and Tom Page, the Managing Director at West Park Care, who emphasizes operations that have made West Park Care a leading Home Care provider in North and West Yorkshire:

Please tell us about yourself and your professional journey so far.

I have a strong background in customer service and sales, having worked both in the banking sector and corporate sales. While I was working as the head of sales, I had to organize care for a loved one. Back then, I couldn’t understand why the process was so confusing and, in my opinion, why the quality of care was often so poor.

That’s when I decided that by focusing on some key aspects such as having full-time permanent staff, consistency of service and bespoke care packages, the entire experience could be much more positive. With that, I started the business with a business partner who already had a successful business delivering specialist care to children and my wife, Kirsty, who is an ex social worker. Together, we have developed a reputation for high standards of care and client satisfaction.

What are the core values of the organization? What are its mission and vision statements?

At West Park Care, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life in the freedom of their own home. This ethos is at the heart of everything we do.

WPC’s four core values are:

  • Focus on the individual.
  • Honesty and trustworthiness
  • Accountability for the quality of service
  • Go the extra mile.

What are the key products and services of your organization, and how are they impacting the demographic concerned?

We offer bespoke care packages in people’s own homes that enable our clients to live a safe, happy and fulfilled life at home. All our home care packages are designed bespoke for each client, as we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to home care.

We match our highly trained Care Experts with each client and ensure that our clients only see a small team of caregivers to provide consistent services. For this, we ensure that the care calls are long enough to ensure that our clients and staff never feel rushed and have enough time to interact during the call. We also use full-time staff and bespoke packages to ensure that the care is tailored to each client and of the highest quality.

In addition, we help with basic tasks such as housework all the way to full moving and handling, medication management, food preparation and other aspects to ensure clients can remain in their own home.

In what ways is the organization incorporating emerging technological solutions to be the leading home care solution provider in 2022?

We use care management software that enables us to closely monitor every staff member and client to ensure that if there are any changes, we can act on them quickly. The software also allows family members to read live diary notes for peace of mind that their family member is being cared for to the highest standards. The software we use allows us to spot patterns of behavior and intervene quickly before issues arise with a care package.

According to you, what are the challenges the home care industry currently faces and how are you using your leadership skills to make the most of them?

The industry’s biggest challenge is the staffing crisis, which, like many other industries, has gotten significantly worse since the pandemic. As a leader, it is key that I make the business an attractive place to work by offering market-leading pay and hiring staff on permanent salaried contracts. Our team members need job security and a good income to combat the cost of living. It is also key to ensure staff feel valued and part of the company, which not only attracts staff but helps retain our existing team.

As an experienced leader, what advice would you like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who wish to venture into the competitive industry that you are serving?

My main advice would be to focus on quality, not price. It is essential that the service you deliver is of the highest quality and that it is focused on the client and the staff involved in your company. Without our amazing care team, I would not have a business. So, you must look after your team so that they can look after your clients. As an entrepreneur, you need to provide a service that meets clients’ needs and makes their lives easier, and the rest will follow.

What are the future goals of the company? How does it envision scaling up its operations to reach 2023 and beyond?

We have established ourselves as a high-quality home care service in three locations, and the plan is to open more locations and offer our award-winning services to as many clients as possible. The key, however, is to do this organically because a focus on quality of care always has to be at the forefront of everything we do. It is also essential that scaling does not affect our existing clients or staff.

Thoughts From Clients

“The carers that come to see Mum are all lovely to her—Mum never has any complaints about their work or characters, and this is a load off my mind. She knows her carers as friendly people, and they obviously enjoy chatting with her. They are flexible and help her continue to live independently. I am so glad we found you!“- Helen Y (Daughter of the client)